In the classical context, martial arts were not seen just as a means of defending oneself, but as a means of living
a challenging, healthy, happy and fulfilling life. Washindo has re-engaged these principles and offers this
learning through a team of highly skilled Teacher Leaders.

Washindo was founded in 1995 by Colin Reeve, Shihan

With a direct lineage to the early developers of Karate-do we are proud to be following in the footsteps of this ancient martial art of self-defence, staying true to the original principles whilst using contemporary understanding and teaching to constantly challenge, embody and develop the art of Washindo at the deepest level.

Our organisation manages the local, national and international development of Washindo – The Peaceful Way. We are responsible for the learning and development of our practitioners and teachers, organising masterclasses, retreats, Teacher Leader programmes and engaging with our community.

We welcome everyone from beginner to experienced practitioner to connect with and be part of our learning and community. Our programmes and retreats are accessible to everyone regardless of experience, fitness or age. Whether you are new to practice or have experience of other mind/body practices or martial arts, Washindo offers a powerful way to develop strategies to help you lead the peaceful, healthy and successful life you want to live.

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Our Washindo Retreats are focused on bringing together a  community of like-minded people interested in learning with us.

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