About Washindo College

Colin founded Washindo in 1995. He practices daily and teaches at the Washindo headquarters in Ascot whilst leading local and national courses and camps throughout the year. He embodies the spirit of Washindo in his pioneering approach to teaching and learning. This is evident in the way he creates an evocative blend of classical and contemporary thinking and practice that results in a community committed to practising and living the Peaceful Way. Washindo members are constantly engaged in the quest to lead a more fulfilling life through the adventure that Colin inspires.


Traditionally, within the martial arts, the master transmitted his learning to one or two trusted students through the students living with and serving the master in every respect. This involved the student copying everything that the master demonstrated, at a conscious and ultimately, sub-conscious, level. This process is commonly known as modelling and is a powerful tool, which, when used skilfully, leads to rapid learning. Washindo uses this approach with its students to fully utilise the experience and skills of the more senior members and transmit the learning quickly and effectively. It allows new members access to personal excellence and a belief that learning is easy, available to all and joyful. 

Mastery Programmes

Intense courses of learning have been developed by Washindo to tap into participants’ potential and greatly enhance the learning experience and potential progress – at an intellectual, emotional and physical level. These programmes are typically run bi-annually and last around 6 months. Their impact is significant for the practitioners, and in keeping with the spirit of Washindo, the effects are felt and have real impact in all aspects of the individual’s life.

Teacher Leader Programme

Washindo has developed a Teacher Leader programme, the purpose of which is to awaken participants to their leadership potential and develop skilled and elegant teachers and leaders for the future. Colin has awarded, for the first time in Washindo’s history, Certificates of Transmission to some of his most trusted students.

about washindo college
about washindo college
Without doubt the learning, self-awareness and empathy that I have learnt from the practice of Washindo has been a major contributor to what I am today and helped me in my career and relationships with friends and family
Jim Reid, Master
Practice has become the foundation for so much in my life. Practice unlocks energy that would otherwise stay hidden and restores balance of mind and spirit. Practice is an exploration of the endless depth of connection between self and others. It brings stillness and space in the midst of movement. All this with a group of true friends
Ian Carr, Black Belt 1st Dan

The Washindo Credo

If you’re tired – practice
When life is heavy – practice
When you’re happy – practice
When it’s cold and wet – practice
When it would be easier not to – practice
The way of Washindo is to practice
To explore the very edges of human experience
To discover what’s possible
To  enjoy the art of living
To honour the past
To dream of the future
To love in the present

Community through Artistry & Grace