Colin Reeve

Founder of Washindo.

International Leadership Consultant, Coach, Author, Karate Master.

The developer and leader of Washindo worldwide, Colin has developed Washindo from over 50 years’ of practice, study and teaching of Karate-do. The practice and teaching of Washindo has been influenced and advanced by learnings from other great arts including  yoga, kyudo and mindfulness meditation.

Through his study of Neuro Linguistic Programming, somatics and coaching, he has ensured the practice and teaching of Washindo is constantly evolving.

Washindo – The Peaceful Way

Colin Reeve was born in August 1945 in Newcastle. He started practising Karate-do at Chowa Karate Academy, North Shields, in June 1965, at the age of 19. Colin is a Karate-do Master who has moved beyond the grading system, having taught and practiced for 45 years.

I first got into practising when a friend of mine suggested it. We usually went to a coffee shop on a Sunday morning but on this particular day it was raining and the shop was closed. Jim suggested we visit a friend of his who had started a karate club. We ended up practising that day – afterwards I could not walk down the steps to the exit as my legs were so stiff. I just kept going back after that. It was a ‘happy accident’. It was called Shotokan then and my instructor was a yellow belt. – Colin Reeve

It would be usual for Colin to have practised up to 6 days a week, often twice a day in his early years. This would have included attending around 25 weekend courses, plus Summer, Spring and Autumn camps.

We would do kihon on the beach in freezing cold weather. We would be doing kihon as we entered the water. One day the water reached my neck and the instructor had not said ‘turn’. I kept going. I used to travel one hour and thirty minutes to get to practice. – Colin Reeve

Gichin Funakoshi

His teacher and inspiration for the first 23 years of his practice was Harada Mitsusuke, often to referred to as Harada Sensei, who has direct lineage via Shigeru Egami to Gichin Funakoshi (the father of modern karate). Colin served as Technical Director and Chairman of Karate-Do Shotokai (KDS)

This lineage and experience created an in depth appreciation of the ideas and practice methods of the classical art of karate-do. These insights, together with his own unique understanding and ability to develop leading edge teaching and practice methods, make him a hugely influential and respected leader of the Shotokai College.

His reputation has spread throughout the world, and led to him being asked to teach all over the UK and further afield, including Finland, Portugal, France, Germany, Monte Carlo, U.S.A, Belgium and Greece.

Colin’s Grading History

  • 5th Dan – September 1981
  • 4th Dan – November 1976
  • 3rd Dan – February 1975
  • 2nd Dan – April 1972
  • 1st Dan – August 1968
colin reeve
Colin is one of those very special people that one is privileged to meet in life. This quote is totally inadequate to be able to express what Colin has, as a tutor, taught me; has, as a business consultant enabled me to achieve in developing business culture; and perhaps most importantly, as mentor, guided me in my personal development.
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Gichin Futakoshi - colin reeve Washindo

Gichin Futakoshi