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Wellbeing Retreat

Monte Velho Eco Resort, Algarve Portugal

An exciting programme of learning from which you can design your own agenda.  Choose from, Yoga, the contemporary martial art of Washindo and Mindfulness Meditation

 Sunday 24th-30th June 2018


Yoga and Well being retreat in Monte Velho Eco Resort, Algarve Portugal

This wellbeing retreat brings together these exciting disciplines, each blending perfectly with the other, while adding their unique benefits to maximise learning and impact. These compelling arts share the goal of a fully present, tension-free body that uses energy wisely and efficiently. Combined, they help us embody the wisdom available in our mind, body and spirit, greatly enhancing our wellbeing and bringing presence to our actions. From relaxation emerges grace & potential.


Integrating body and mind, yoga improves flexibility, balance, strength and awareness. It is about becoming quietly observant and using the movement of the body to access the calming of the mind. The movement instigated through the stretches, twists, bends and balances helps to move stagnant, fluid, stuck energy and bogged down mind processes.

Washindo the Peaceful Way

Developed from the wisdom of multiple traditional martial arts, Washindo offers a contemporary practice that encourages elegant, free flowing, natural movement and enhances relationships with self and others.  Accessible to everyone to explore the joy of movement, increase positive energy and awaken possibility. Developing & defending the life you want to live.

Mindfulness Meditation & Walking

Is about achieving peace with yourself, allowing your body and mind to work together harmoniously which is the foundation of health. Spending time in the present allows you to break from unhelpful, energy-sapping habits and gives you the freedom to be fully engaged in being you.

The Days

Each day there will be 2 Yoga classes, 2 Washindo Classes and 1 Mindfulness Meditation session.  You can choose just to take part in one of the arts, mix and match them or do them all.  They are organised so you will still have plenty time during the day to relax and enjoy the beautiful environment.

Retreat Programme Leaders

The leaders are Masters and Master Teachers of their chosen arts. Sam Rao is a Yoga Master and charismatic teacher and leader. Colin Reeve  has spent 52 years practising and teaching Washindo throughout the world.    Karen Stone is a learning expert, Washindo Master and Yoga teacher.

Colin Reeve
Sam Rao
Karen Stone

Monte Velho Eco Retreat Centre

“Looking from Monte Velho we become aware of the vast natural space around us, the strength of the elements in the region and the overwhelming beauty of one of the most, or perhaps last, secret places in the world”



Accommodation Choices & Cost

Included in the cost:

En-suite accommodation. Airport transfers. Brunch x 5 days. Dinner x 6 nights

Your choice of up to 5 classes per day with Master Teachers

Cost per person:  Single: £895.  Double/Twin:  £710.

Only 22 places available £100 deposit to secure a place

Room type

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