Our Philosophy

Washindo Philosophy …to search …to learn …to teach

Washindo is a contemporary, living, moving art. It maintains a strong connection with karate-do from which it has grown and developed. By encouraging the development and blending of Mind, Body and Spirit the teaching helps practitioners to transfer the learning into their daily lives, allowing them to defend and develop their lives instinctively and effortlessly without fear.

This is an extraordinary martial way from which we learn not just how to fight, but how to live our lives successfully without having to fight.

Leading edge teaching and learning principles transform performance and develop potential in your whole life. Improve your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and embody the art of Washindo.

This great journey to discovery, the ‘practice of possibility’, often begins in the dojo and moves with us into our daily activities. Over time, through the continued practice of Washindo, we develop high levels of physical, mental and emotional resilience. We improve our fitness, posture and co-ordination. We awaken the parts of us which we have allowed to go to sleep. As we learn how to defend ourselves we also learn how to engage all of ourselves in the process and joy of learning – mind, body and spirit. We open our eyes, our minds and our emotions and we see possibilities in our everyday lives that we may have previously missed and, filled with a new level of confidence, we explore them. We ‘practice possibility’. – Colin Reeve

The learning that uncovers itself to those who have their eyes wide open to possibility, is available to everyone – not just to those that engage in the physical practice of Washindo.

Colin Reeve’s two books, The Way of Artistry & Grace and The Peaceful Way, reveal some of the mystery and magic and makes it accessible to everyone who chooses to put themselves in this place of possibility.

Washindo Philososphy
While I’ve been on many shoots, not many of them are life changing. Usually we come in, shoot, and make our exit without ever really getting to know the people around us. Maybe that has its advantages but this project, the film and the team Washindo, I think all are about the passion of its meaning. It truly was a life changing shoot. While we may not have practiced with you, we leave a little smarter, younger, older, and smiling.
Adrian Galli, Onyx Productions
Washindo Philososphy
Practice has become the foundation for so much in my life. Practice unlocks energy that would otherwise stay hidden and restores balance of mind and spirit. Practice is an exploration of the endless depth of connection between self and others. It brings stillness and space in the midst of movement. All this with a group of true friends.
Steve Culshaw, Master
The practice of Washindo has become an integral part of my life. It challenges and develops my mind, body and emotions. To live and practice – to excel, to challenge, to learn, grow and continue a positive and joyful lifelong journey.
Donna Brooker, Black Belt 5th Dan